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Name's Karina Aussie, generally called Bebek, Bey or Bex.
This blog is an old blog of mine, from March '08 to November '08. Decided to move here because of many reasons. This blog is no longer updated, just like an old full diary book. Can't delete it because of the too-many memories! Anyway thanks for visiting and please visit my newer blog. Dankje wel.

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Colorsplash Photos and anyelse
Wednesday, October 1, 2008
11:02 AM

Greetings people! Selamat lebaran semuanya! Semoga angpao taun ini menumpukkk dan bisa buat belanjaaaaaaaaa semua hal yang dipengenin amin amin aminnn

Berhubung there's so little time but sooo friggin much to do, i don't have the time to type up some stories, so all i want to do is to share my lomo colorsplash newest photos! NO EDITING, it's 100% fresh from the film! Enjoy the splashes friends! :D


Burned up photos

Nguk? It's Enad the gaulest blogwalker

Ngok? It's Bena the eksistest blogger

Ngek? It's Sapila again?

It's a pair~~~~!

Amigos! Bey Vanya Fitri

Bibil Bey Vanya Nisa Fitri Rizka

Shabr Bey

Lamuru; the percussion team is having birthday!

Missed and wanted

Enough with photos! Next thing to share is, ngupingjakarta.blogspot.com. HARUS BUKA, DIJAMIN NGGAK NYESEL! Disini lo bisa tes kenormalan jiwa lo, caranya? Kalo lo nggak ketawa, it means lo abnormal. Percaya deh.

That's all i can type for now, because it's half past 1 in the morning and in less than 5 hours, I've got to pack because I'm going to Anyer! Yippeeeeeee! Will be gone for 3 days straight, so adios everyone! :D