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Name's Karina Aussie, generally called Bebek, Bey or Bex.
This blog is an old blog of mine, from March '08 to November '08. Decided to move here because of many reasons. This blog is no longer updated, just like an old full diary book. Can't delete it because of the too-many memories! Anyway thanks for visiting and please visit my newer blog. Dankje wel.

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What a day
Thursday, March 20, 2008
4:30 AM

Whew, what a day.

So, i woke up at seven o'clock, knowing that i should be at school
before ten so i wouldn't get late. I was planning on arriving there by half past nine, but you know me, don't you? By fifteen to ten, I'm on my way not so far from my house. I was thinking "Oh no, I'll be arriving late." Then my mom decided to drive faster, and magically i arrived at five past ten! And it doesn't count as late, gagaga.

We started the meeting plus forum, and it ended at tw
o o'clock. Then we had a short practice for a photo shoot for bung Abe's friend's college assignment. I couldn't join the practice because my finger still hurts. At around 4, the practice ended. When everyone was still playing some patterns, i was just doing stupid things by trying to stand on a standing gallon. And it works! Then some of lamuru mates tried it too and we decided to take a photo with a super(stupid)hero style that looked like this:

After that, Imo approached me with an idea to form the letter L, A, M, U, R, U by standing on some gallons. And here is the results of the stupid experiments:

Yes, it was stupid. SO, let me explain the form from the left. First, Anez and Wanna is trying to form an exclamation mark (!), and Anez was supposed to jump, but she was late! Then Imo formed a L. Sigi formed an A. Fauzan and Dito formed a M. I was supposed to form an U, but wtf the U is croaked on the left side. Then, Diko was supposed to form a R, but because he was about to fall from the gallons, he failed to build the form. Then Dian is forming a better U than me. The last, Vina and Adit is trying to form an exclamation mark too, but failed because she was too late.

And i was super exhausted because of too much laughing! It was so stupid that it took almost a half hour to set the blocking. And even after all of the hard work, the photos failed. So sad of us.

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