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Greetings, Earth creature.
Name's Karina Aussie, generally called Bebek, Bey or Bex.
This blog is an old blog of mine, from March '08 to November '08. Decided to move here because of many reasons. This blog is no longer updated, just like an old full diary book. Can't delete it because of the too-many memories! Anyway thanks for visiting and please visit my newer blog. Dankje wel.

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Stationery station is my idea of heaven.
Sunday, March 23, 2008
7:02 AM

Believe me. If you ask me what present would i like for my birthday, whoever the person is, I'll answer with the same sentence:

"Take me to a stationery station and let me pick one thing. You'd just have to buy that for me. And no, of course it won't be too expensive!"

And of course, that'll make me extremely haaaaaaaaaappy, no objection for that.

Okay, so I've just spent my weekend in Gramedia Matraman! Geeeee. I bet now you're thinking about how geeky i am. But one thing you have to know about me, I am very fond of stationery. As fond as a person could fond of something as possible. I bought a detective stories book, a pencil (even though i don't really need it), an eraser, stabilo, post-it, and that's it. Well, not as much as usual this time, but still that sums up to 143.000. The book costs one hundred, but it's worth it. I really enjoy being on a bookstore. Now i was wondering if someday I'd live in a bookstore........ Oh heavenly.

I only know a bit of people who shares the same hobby with me. Lets say Noncha and Fitri are my stationery-freak-mates. We discuss about stationery a lot, and when i say a lot, i mean it. Wherever whenever, we always find a reason to talk about it. And oh, we're The Sims freak too, so feel free to talk about stationery or The Sims with us. Hahaha :D