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Name's Karina Aussie, generally called Bebek, Bey or Bex.
This blog is an old blog of mine, from March '08 to November '08. Decided to move here because of many reasons. This blog is no longer updated, just like an old full diary book. Can't delete it because of the too-many memories! Anyway thanks for visiting and please visit my newer blog. Dankje wel.

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Monday, March 17, 2008
6:23 AM

What should i do to get rid of this headache and stomachache and the other aches that I've got?

So, tomorrow is the day I've been waiting for, Lamuru's general meeting & forum. At last. It took soooooo long to prepare for the right day, so just hope that things will go as it supposed to be. Hopefully. We will be discussing a lot of things, and the results will be posted tomorrow. Or as soon as i update this blog.