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Name's Karina Aussie, generally called Bebek, Bey or Bex.
This blog is an old blog of mine, from March '08 to November '08. Decided to move here because of many reasons. This blog is no longer updated, just like an old full diary book. Can't delete it because of the too-many memories! Anyway thanks for visiting and please visit my newer blog. Dankje wel.

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Annoying headache
Sunday, March 16, 2008
5:23 AM

I hate to think. I hate headaches. I hate to think while having a headache. Will somebody, kindly, approach me and give me some Paramex or Bodrex or any medicines that could kill this headache? I can't think straight. I can't even write a good sentence.

And why does everybody seems too weak to move on? It's not that hard. Life goes on, and I'm the type of person who'd rather find another man than to get back with the past. Move on big boy, I've had enough of you.